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How a Bill Becomes Law

The process of producing and enacting legislation reveals how difficult and time-consuming lawmaking can be — and how many opportunities there are for interested citizens or groups to make their views known to legislators. As citizens, as union members, and as legislative representatives, we must make the most of those opportunities to advance our interests.

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Links to Legislators

Contacting the Congress  (online guide to who represents you, congressional daily schedules, committee membership and more) Contactando el Congreso  (descubra quien le representa en al Congreso) U.S. Senate     Senate Committees           Appropriations   Budget        Commerce, Science and Transportation    Finance        Health, Education, Labor & Pensions           U.S. House of Representatives    House Committees           Appropriations        Budget        Education & the

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107th Congress

TCU’S LEGISLATIVE WATCH 107th CONGRESS, 2nd SESSION FINAL STATUS REPORT OF: Howard W. Randolph, Jr. International Vice President and National Legislative Director JANUARY 2003 Amtrak Appropriations for FY2003: With the November 20 adjournment of the 107th Congress and after passing five Continuing Resolutions (CR?s) to continue funding the government without disruption, the President signed into

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